8 Best ways to match Interior & Exterior decor of Your Home

If you’re looking for a new home, or if you’re just considering a redesign for your current space, matching the interior and exterior design of your home is key.

Use these ideas to make your home a stunning family home:

Decorate to match your living room

The easiest way to create a harmonious look is by matching the colors of your walls and floors. But don’t forget the ceiling! The right color will bring the space together perfectly. A popular option these days is choosing a neutral color for the exterior of your home. Light blue and green exteriors have been gaining in popularity, and there are also great shades of grey that can go with just about anything. The outside of your home can be as bright or as dark as you’d like. But whatever you do, don’t pick colors that clash with your interior. This will make your home look disjointed and unappealing.

Consider Using Outdoor Space Wisely

Make sure to choose outdoor décor that is non-permanent and that won’t be a nuisance when you need to take it down. A lot of homeowners go with outdoor Christmas lights for just this reason. You could go for a dramatic potted plant arrangement instead. If you’re not ready to deal with grass yet, try sticking with indoor plants instead.

Maintain a Color Palette for the Interior and Exterior

Another problem that some homeowners have is that their home has too many different colors. Some people prefer not to have a particular hue on every side of their property, but this can make it difficult to match the aesthetic of your home as well. Look for a neutral color palette to match both your interior and exterior.

Choose a Light that Matches Your Exterior

The lights on your home can make or break your exterior design. Keep it simple with a single, consistent light, or go for something dramatic to match your exterior décor.

If you’re going for an elegant look, consider halogen with a long stand for your porch light. This will project a lot of illumination and softness onto the exterior of your home. Many of these also have color-changing capabilities.

If you’re going for a modern, industrial look, go with LED lighting. This will give you the ability to pick the brightness and color of your light. It’s also something that can be changed in the future if you get tired of it.

Use Special Materials to Match Your Interior Decorating Scheme

If you’re going for something a little more unique, consider using special materials to create a stunning exterior design. You can use thin, translucent paints to create a glass-like effect. You can also use special paints that are already made for glass. If you live in an area with a lot of natural light, you can go with something translucent.

Solid Color Curtains

If you have a solid color on the interior of your home but want to bring it outside, using curtains is the best bet. Choose a solid-colored curtain in the same color as your home decor and hang them outside on your porch or patio. You can find affordable curtains at almost any thrift store, or you can make your own for a fun project!

Paint Outdoor Furniture

The paint jobs on furniture are one of the easiest ways to match the interior and exterior decor. Pick up some paint in the color of your interior and get painting!


One of the simplest ways to match the interior and exterior decor is with pillows. Choose a few solid-colored pillows that match your current home decor, and then place them on your patio furniture. You can even choose a print that matches the current theme you have going on inside your home!


The way your home looks on the outside is often a reflection of what’s on the inside, but it can be tough to match the two. The above are some great tips to follow.

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